Single wagons and wagon groups transports

stage_transport pojedynczych wagonów

Single wagons and wagon groups transports

Transfer your transports from roads to rail

We built a network of single wagons and wagon groups connections

We offer regular rail connections between Poland and Western and Southern Europe.

Benefit from our offer of three line trains: SILESIA, MAZOVIA and MORAVIA.


  • regular timetable,
  • full forwarding service covering, among other things, wagons’ notification and current information concerning location of wagons,
  • guarantee of a stable rate within a long period of time,
  • competitive rates for hazardous cargo transportation,
  • quick wagons turnover time,
  • option to transport from Western and Southern Europe to the East and back using the DB Cargo Spedkol terminal in Sławków and the Broad-Gauge Metallurgy Line,
  • service performed entirely from a “single source,” allowing to reduce delivery time and costs of transports,
  • comprehensive, sector-oriented expert’s opinion.
With three line trains: Silesia, Mazovia and Moravia we offer connections between Poland and Western and Southern Europe. We provide also transports of goods to and from the East, using the terminal in Sławków and a fast connection with the biggest rail network in Europe. Today we already transport 68m tons of goods annually within the European network of DB Cargo wagon groups and single wagons.

Krzysztof Chmielewski, Commercial Director

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