European Medal for DB Cargo Polska

Article: European Medal for DB Cargo Polska

DB Cargo Polska has been honoured with the European Medal by the Business Centre Club. This prestigious award is granted to companies whose products and services offer high quality and European standard.

The awarded product – “Line trains – a network of connection of single wagons and wagon groups” was valued for its innovative nature, uncompromising quality and European range. The cross-border cooperation between the companies of the DB Cargo Group: DB Cargo Polska, DB Cargo Spedkol, DB Cargo AG and DB Cargo Czechia produced a unique offer in which line trains Silesia, Mazovia and Moravia create a significant network of connections for the scattered traffic in Poland, and being a part of the European DB Cargo network – also in Europe.

As a part of the product, DB Cargo Polska offers connections between Silesia, industrial areas of the central and northern Poland and the Western Europe through Germany and Southern Europe through Czechia. All three trains are interconnected with a pair of trains that run every week between Poznań and Wrocław. The product guarantees shortening the wagon circulation time, full freight forwarding services, option to transport goods to and from East with use of the terminal in Sławków and a quick connection with the largest freight rail network in Europe.

We are happy that our product, that is unique in the European scale, has been awarded with such a prestigious award – says Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska – It is a proof that the offer is flexible and high quality solution that satisfies the needs of both, large recipients but also customers for whom transport in the scattered traffic is the best solution.

68,000,000 tonnes of commodities are transported annually in the European network of wagon groups and single wagons of DB Cargo. For the last ten years, Silesia, Mazovia and Moravia line trains contributed significantly to this achievement.

The ecologic dimension is not meaningless today – says Tomasz Iwański, CEO of DB Cargo Spedkol. – The carbon footprint of rail transport is a dozen or so lower than of other means of transport, therefore it is an answer to the today’s aim to achieve climatic neutrality. The annual volume transported with the DB Cargo network means 15,000 trucks less on roads and 2000000 tonnes less of CO2 emission to the atmosphere – he adds.

The European Medal awarded by BCC is a Polish project organized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Honorary Patronage of the European Economic and Social Committee with headquarters in Brussels.