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DB Cargo Polska has been present on the Polish logistics-freight market since 2009, ensuring national and international transport and logistics solutions, operated in cooperation with the international network of German DB Cargo AG. Using many years of know-how and enormous experience, it is a reliable and solid partner for clients from every industry, with different needs of broadly understood transport and logistics solutions.

DB Cargo Polska Group is also DB Cargo Spedkol, which specializes in shipping, terminal services and line trains, and DB Port Szczecin, which completes the offer of rail transports.


The foundation of DB Cargo Polska activity is freight transport, which since the beginning of the company’s existence has been dynamically expanded by another lines of services, which answered growing market expectations and set development trends for the entire industry, and made of DB Cargo Polska a supplier ready to handle even the most challenging logistic-transport ventures.

In our business we focus on quality, timeliness and punctuality. This approach makes the company a leading logistics service provider in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe.

Andrzej Wyszyński, Spokesperson at DB Cargo Polska

Subsidiaries of DB Cargo Polska Group

DB Cargo Spedkol Sp. z o.o.


DB Cargo Spedkol Sp. z o.o.

The main profile of the Company’s business comprises of logistics and shipping services, single wagonload, block train transports and groups of wagons, freight forwarding, transporting chemical products in rail tanks, lease of rail tanks and intermodal transports.

Contact details
ul. Szkolna 15, 
47-225 Kędzierzyn-Koźle
phone +48 77 488 65 81
fax +48 77 488 68 94

DB Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o.


DB Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o.

DB Port Szczecin is a part of the biggest handling complex in the Western Baltic region, with a free zone. It is an important transit junction on international routes, connecting railway routes with sea ones. Over 63 thousand m2 of warehouse space, 210 thousand m2 of stacking yards, handling terminal with 150 TEU capacity and storage capacity at 5000 TEU and modern equipment allow for handling and storage of containers, loose cargo, fertilizers, oversize loads and dangerous goods.

Contact details:
ul. Bytomska 14
70-603 Szczecin

tel. +48 91 430 86 60
faks: +48 91 462 47 79




The core business areas of the Company include:

  • comprehensive and effective performance of investment tasks, modernizations and repairs of railway infrastructure
  • making railway lines and sidetracks managed by Infra SILESIA S.A. available to railway carriers.

Infra SILESIA has at its disposal heavy, mechanized, specialized equipment for track works.

In addition, for many years the company has provided comprehensive maintenance services for the railway infrastructure of industrial sidetracks and logistics centres, including:

  • ongoing maintenance and diagnostics of track surface
  • ongoing maintenance and diagnostics of CCS devices
  • maintenance and service of wire communications and train radiocommunications equipment
  • maintenance of engineering structures
  • maintenance of tracks and turnouts in winter

The company also provides advisory services in the scope of:

  • assigning the status of the railway infrastructure
  • drafting up By-laws, Rules and Price Lists.

Contact details:
ul. Kłokocińska 51
44-251 Rybnik

tel. +48 32 739 48 10
faks: +48 32 739 48 10

DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o.


DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o.

The company offers seamless cross-border services for international traffics. DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o. provides unique rail freight solutions and shift more international traffics into the Czech rail network.

Contact details:

Hlubinská 1378/36
702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava
Česká republika

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