Laboratory tests of lubricating oils

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Laboratory tests of lubricating oils

Monitoring of engine oil condition

We offer engine oil condition check at our laboratory.

Define the condition of the oil after a period of being in use and check, whether the declared mileage between changes is reachable.

High quality of services can be confirmed by the Quality Management System, compliant with EN ISO 9001 standard that has been implemented and is constantly being improved. It monitors all logistic, transport and maintenance rolling stock processes implemented within the Company.

 Use the lab – it’s beneficial!

  • limited operation costs,
  • prolonged life period of lubricants,
  • prolonged durability and reduced defect rate of devices,
  • excellent tool to plan preventive maintenance,
  • shorter downtime,
  • precise identification of a cause of failure.

 Properties of engine oil

  • seals minor gaps between piston rings and walls of cylinders,
  • keeps engine clean,
  • cools movable parts of engine by dispersing heat it generates,
  • keeps impurities suspended, far from engine components,
  • protects engine during start-up and protects it during the procedure,
  • prevents rust and corrosion.

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