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We develop our position as an ecological leader

As an ecological leader, DB offers products that meet the standards of efficient use of raw minerals

DB Cargo Polska is aware that the costs of pollution and destruction of natural environment are huge costs for economies and social costs, which is why an orientation towards eco-friendly business approach is so meaningful.

Saving resources, including energy, is one of the most important focuses of the development policy of the European Union and Poland. Reduction of greenhouse gases, noise, improvement of efficient energy use and rational use of existing energy sources, with a perspective on growing demand for energy, are areas, to which DB Cargo Polska attaches great importance.

"The aspect of environment protection and efficient use of resources is written in the daily operational activity of DB Cargo Polska, starting with eco-friendly solutions in the workplace, and ending with procurement policy and waste management. All processes are regularly monitored in terms of their influence on the natural environment."

Aleksandra Konieczny, Communication and CSR Specialist

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Aleksandra Konieczny

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