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European Funds


The project is aimed at improving intermodal freight transport by connecting container terminals on the Baltic coast and distribution terminals in southern Poland with transport axis, connecting western Europe with the CIS countries and China.

The project is realized as part of the measure 3.2 Development of maritime transport, inland waterway network and intermodal connections priority axis III Development of road network TENT-T of multimodal transport of Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.

  • Contract for co-financing no. POIS.03.02.00-00-0054/18-00,
  • Value of the project: 126 825 300,00 PLN,
  • Eligible costs of the project 103 110 000,00 PLN,
  • Amount of co-financing: 51 555 000,00 PLN.

 Thanks to the realization of the project, specific objectives assumed by DB Cargo Polska will be achieved:

  • creating conditions to establish regular railway intermodal connections,
  • general improvement of the quality of rendered services of railway intermodal transports and the quality of customer service,
  • maintaining by the Company competitive position and the Company’s image,
  • increasing the number of new transports realized by the Company,
  • increase in efficiency of conducted business in the area of intermodal transport, which allows to generate bigger profits from the business and in the long term allocation of the profits to other investments,
  • increase of the value of sales and increase of the level of profits of DB Cargo Polska, and as a result increase of the value of the Company.

  Objectives of the project in the economy-wide dimension:

  • realization of the idea of sustainable transport,
  • increase of safety on Polish roads by, among others, relieving the pressure on the roads and reducing road traffic generated by heavy goods vehicles,
  • increase in use of intermodal transport in transport in general,
  • contribution to a better balance of transport system in Poland.

The scope of the investment is correlated with a product indicator: the number of bought units of railway fleet (units), which achieves the following value for the Project: 95.