Intermodal / Logistics

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Intermodal & Logistics

We are a leading carrier on the railway market

We offer comprehensive and customized logistics solutions in intermodal transports and rail transports for the automotive industry.

While executing an order, we connect rail, road and sea transports and we integrate solutions with additional services, such as customs, order processing or storage.

Due to the high dynamics and diversity of transport orders, we provide rendering of the services in a fast, reliable manner while adhering to high quality and flexibility standards. We specialize in cars and car parts transportation. We perform transports for leading factories in automotive industry in the country and abroad for many years.

 We provide:

  • rendering of a service within DB Cargo network based on one contract,
  • adhering to high quality standards, timeliness and safety on the whole delivery chain,
  • continuity of the delivery chain based on the „door to door” transport technology,
  • adjusting transport service to the individual requirements of a client.

We realize a project co-financed by the European Funds

The project is aimed at improving intermodal freight transport by connecting container terminals on the Baltic coast and distribution terminals in southern Poland with transport axis, connecting Western Europe with the CIS countries and China. One of the goals is to create conditions for launching scheduled intermodal railway connections. More information can be found under European Funds.

"Our main priority is quality expressed by reliability of rendered services. We actively participate in development plans of our clients. By adjusting our resources we help build optimal logistic chains."

Lukas Polaczek, Head of Intermodal

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