Freight forwarding services

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Freight forwarding services

We ensure competitiveness in terms of delivery chain, reduced general costs and increased efficiency

DB Cargo Spedkol, a subsidiary of the DB Cargo Polska Group, specializes in rail and car forwarding in Poland and abroad.

Being a part of the biggest rail network in Europe, DB Cargo Spedkol offers access to 150 terminals located all over Europe, enabling transports to 240 destinations in 30 countries. The offer includes single source logistic service, also in the East direction.


DB Cargo Spedkol offers transshipments on the biggest port terminal in West Pomerania - DB Port Szczecin and on a terminal on the western end of the broad gauge line.

 Within the service we provide:

  • complete forwarding in EU in terms of transports of all groups of goods, including: solid fuels, steel products, biomass, palletized products,
  • forwarding of liquid chemical substances, including hazardous substances and oversize cargo,
  • organization of an entire logistic chain, including rail and car transports, transshipment, storage, customs and other,
  • up-to-date information about the status of a rendered service,
  • preparation of transport documentation,
  • ensuring delivery safety resulting from an insurance package, which covers transport risks.

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