Ethical standards

DB's Code of Conduct

Read the Code of Conduct of DB Cargo Polska

DB's Code of Conduct

Based on laws and DB's Code of Conduct, clear agreements have been made and still are being made within the DB Group and stand for ethical behaviour in business in accordance with rules and other regulations. These internal stipulations provide guidance for employees and executives in all business transactions and customer contacts.

 Internal regulations define conduct in particular for the following situations:

  • Benefits – give and take
    Transparent guidelines on how to deal with benefits from third parties or gratuities from the company itself.
  • Protecting assets
    Guideline on protecting business and trade secrets as well as DB Group’s assets.
  • Cartel law / Price fixing
    Information and guidelines for how to avoid competition-restricting agreements, price fixing and offers that restrict fair competition.
  • Agents, brokers, consultants
    Rules on both cooperation and selection.
  • Conflicts of interest
    Guidelines on how to avoid conflicts of interests i.e. between private interests of employees and its employer.
  • Reporting irregularities
    The system ensures the possibility of reporting any contravention of rules on ethical standards.

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