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Smart investing and development

Understanding and analysis of the influence on the economy

The DB Cargo Group operates globally, but in every country where it is present, influences positively local economies.

Thanks to the investments, expenditures on a development of products and services and creating workplaces it contributes to, among others, not only Polish railway sector, but also the entire Polish economy.

The input of the DB Cargo Polska Group companies into the development of Polish economy is not only transportation fees for the access to the railway infrastructure. It is an influence, which impacts Polish economy through many channels. Its understanding and knowing the scale of impact is an element of a regular publication called Impact Analysis of the DB Cargo Polska Group on the  Economic, Social and Natural Environment.

"A better understanding of the influence of the Company’s business helps us in responsible management and the Company’s growth, based on the principle of sustainable growth in every dimension."

Katarzyna Marciniak, Board Member for Finance

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