Terminal services


Terminal in Sławków

The western end of the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line


Thanks to a perfect location, vast service offer, exemplary equipment and highly-trained employees, we offer a comprehensive rail transport service from Asia to Europe on a terminal on the western end of the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line.

 Take care of your business and benefit from:

  • competitive freight tariffs,
  • efficient freight transports,
  • larger freight car loading capacity,
  • no added cost for oversized loads for railroad cars from the CIS countries,
  • lower costs due to lack of necessity to change wheelsets,
  • fast and efficient organization of transports from CIS Countries and Middle East.

 We offer:

  • performance of customs treatments and procedures,
  • transshipments of goods in a transit procedure without customs clearance,
  • transshipment of liquid chemical products – 9 pump stations, including 5 mobile stations, possibility of heating,
  • weighing goods, we are equipped with standard-gauge (1435 mm) freight car and truck scales.


Connections to broad and standard gauge and proximity to national roads 94, S1 and A4, along with logistic services offered by DB Cargo Polska allow to offer a comprehensive package of solutions from a single source.

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