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In connection with the entry into force as of 20.09.2019 the Act of 30.08.2019 amending the Commercial Companies Code and other acts (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1798) we hereby inform, that since 01.01.2021 an obligation to dematerialize all shares of joint-stock companies and partnerships limited by shares is introduced. This means, that since 2021 all shares will not have a physical documentation and will take form of an electronic record, and already issued share documents will lose its legal validity. The shares (in electronic form) will be registered in the register of Shareholders, and such register can only be maintained by those authorized to do so, pursuant to the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments dated July 29, 2005, which means, among others: brokerage houses. We inform, that the Company will post announcements about the next stages of the shares dematerialization process on an ongoing basis.


Management Board

•    Marek Staszek - CEO

•    Thomas Hesse - Board Member

•    Robert Nowakowski - Board Member

•    Paweł Pucek - Board Member

•    Tamara Staniowska - Board Member

Supervisory Board

•    Sigrid Nikutta - Chairman

•    Thorsten Dieter - Deputy Chairman

•    Frank Erschkat - Board Member

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