Recruitment stages

Article: Recruitment stages

Stage 1 Online application

Send your CV for the job offer of your interest. You can find current recruitments on our noticeboard. If currently there is no offer that would interest you, but you would like to be included in our candidate database – register at our career portal. You can also send your CV to  
The selected candidates, who fulfill requirements defined for the position, will be contacted by phone no later than 2 weeks since sending the CV. 

Stage 2 Phone conversation

The first interview is conducted with a recruitment specialist, who will ask you a few questions (if the position so requires, your foreign language competency will also be verified), or will immediately set up a recruitment interview.

Stage 3 Recruitment interview

Usually, the representatives of the HR department and the representatives of the department, to which recruitment process is conducted take part in the recruitment interview. The details of the recruitment interview are conveyed via e-mail or phone before its beginning. During the meeting, apart from questions to you, we will present the scope of responsibilities and answer all your questions. It may happen, that we will invite you for another meeting.

Stage 4 Recruitment results

We contact all the candidates invited for recruitment interviews, regardless of our decision. During the meeting you will be informed about the deadline for our feedback.

Stage 5 Welcome to DB Cargo Polska