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Care above all

We care about our social surroundings. We guarantee our employees development, safety and satisfaction and other stakeholders calculable benefits form the business we conduct.

We invest in the future

DB Cargo Polska cares about the environment, in which it functions, and takes up a number of activities and initiatives dedicated to the local communities and its employees. Among those railway safety activities, trainings, regular employee satisfaction surveys, counteracting employee retention and corporate volunteering can be mentioned.

DB Cargo Polska is a company, in which awareness of the influence on the development of the society is measured regularly and expressed in numbers in a regular publication, called Impact Analysis of the DB Cargo Polska Group on the Economic, Social and Natural Environment.

The basis of the DB Cargo Polska’s value system is putting the employee in the center of attention.

Caring about employee’s satisfaction and development motivates us to take up and perfect activities, which aim at the development of organizational culture and multidimensional care about the employee’s well-being. The company sets, most importantly, high safety standards in a workplace, puts emphasis on work-life balance, promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle, and also gives the employees a perfect welfare measures and a wide package of benefits. International work standards allow us to realize programs for human resources development, employee exchange and a system of vocational trainings for railway positions, which is a distinguishing feature in the industry.



Our employees are a group of almost 3000 people, not only railway workers, but also experts in other fields. Our organization is a place of work for experts from almost every area, from finances to HR. Our brand on the market is built by people, who are passionate about railway, but also people with other interests. Due to the character of the industry, our employees are mostly men aged 40-60, which is why DB Cargo Polska strives to adjust the gender balance and remove the industry from a stereotypical image of male jobs. Investments in young people and encouraging women to choose jobs considered „male” until recently – it is a standard in all recruitment processes.

The Diversity Card

The Diversity Card, signed by the company, is a proof that we care about the balance of diversity of our human resources – we were the first undertaking in this industry which committed to this initiative. All companies, which belong to the Group, are employers which give equal chances and fight gender, age and other types of discrimination.


The company’s development would not be possible without a trusted and satisfied employees. For that reason, DB Cargo Polska conducts an Employee Satisfaction Survey every two years. Its results influence our further progress as an organization. The survey is perceived very valuable – proven by an attendance rate reaching 70%, and a growing number of improvements implemented year by year. This provides our employees with visible proofs of caring about their satisfaction. Thanks to the survey further development of organisational culture, based on mutual trust and providing the employees with possibilities for reaching their full potential, is possible.


Labour market

DB Cargo Polska is an important employer on the national market, especially on a regional scale: in Silesia, Szczecin, or the eastern wall. By employing in its structures almost 3000 people, in the induced effect creates almost 10000 workplaces in the country. By showing up in new places on the map of Poland we become an important employer, which shapes local labour market.

Social costs

The company is very thorough if it comes to the protection of the natural environment, and understands the rule of social costs, which can be generated by the effects of its activities. Because of that, a strong focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise are priority indicators describing eco-friendly goals of the company’s strategy.


Salaries and workplaces maintained and generated on the market by DB Cargo Polska influence the quality and the standard of living of the employees and their families. Paid renumeration is an important injection of money for the national economy, which facilitates prosperity and increased consumption, which in consequence, power the inflow to the national budget.

Rail(way) to Help

Rail(way) to Help is a program conducted for many years, which allows the employees to realize activities which support local communities. Everyone interested in the program can count on financial help from the employer, which awards grants for the realization of the most valuable voluntary actions.

Change Your Mobile into a Board Game

Change Your Mobile into a Board Game is the first social program implemented by the company on a national scale. Its main objective is to counter phonoholism among children and youth. Thanks to the involvement of our volunteers in facilities across the country, exceptional sets of board games reach children and youth.

”Trailer” Volunteering

“Trailer” Volunteering is a program launched in order to help local communities and non-governmental organizations, which our volunteers encounter. A fast track of processing applications allows our volunteers to help wherever it is most needed at the moment.
"A number of activities and initiatives directed to the local communities and our employees leads us to maintain a perfect balance between business purposes and benefits."

Edyta Bracik, responsible for CSR, Management Board Office and Communications

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