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We develop our position as an ecological leader

As an ecological leader, DB offers products that meet the standards of efficient use of raw minerals

DB Cargo Polska is aware that the costs of pollution and destruction of natural environment are huge costs for economies and social costs, which is why an orientation towards eco-friendly business approach is so meaningful.

Saving resources, including energy, is one of the most important focuses of the development policy of the European Union and Poland. Reduction of greenhouse gases, noise, improvement of efficient energy use and rational use of existing energy sources, with a perspective on growing demand for energy, are areas, to which DB Cargo Polska attaches great importance.


Reduction of CO2 emission

For the purposes of continuous improvement in this area the Company takes exemplary actions, such us conducting regular audits or implementing solutions characterized by high efficiency level. As a result of taken actions, DB Cargo Polska successfully reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and contributes to minimization of pollution and resource consumption, and in consequence reduces the impact of the entire industry on the environment. Freight transport emits 275 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, which makes up almost one third of the entire emission resulting from transport, including passenger transport. As it is estimated that these numbers will increase about 30% until 2030, it is expected, that the influence of freight transport on the climate will significantly increase in the upcoming years. Hence key role of railway development and low-carbon transport.

Protection of natural resources

Care about the natural environment has become an essential part of sustainable business of today. The railway is a branch of transport, which fits perfectly in these goals and requirements. Railway transport has one of the lowest impacts in greenhouse gas emissions related to general transport, however, in absolute terms, it is still a source of pollution, which can be at least partially avoided. It should be pointed out, that approx. 20% of the entire CO2 emission in Poland comes from transport, but railway transport is responsible for only 0,5% of the emission by all means of transport. The main issuer of greenhouse gases among transport branches is road transport, which has both in Europe and in Poland a domineering position.

Reduction of greenhouse gases emission

In the era of climate crisis and goals, which are currently set before businesses and economies in the world, the matter of ecology is extremely important. The whole world strives to accomplish environmental goals, and it will be possible, among others, when more freight transport will be moved to rail. Because of that DB Cargo Polska strongly engages in all initiatives which promote this trend. In December 2018, during Katowice Climate Change Conference, DB Cargo Polska, as a member of Rail Freight Forward, joined the common declaration of railway federations and railway undertakings from all over Europe, declaring a total of 290 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions saved in the next decade.

Closed circle economy

DB Cargo Polska, as is the entire Deutsche Bahn Group, takes up a wide spectrum of activities aimed at minimization of the negative impact on the environment. Recycling is one of the most important ones. That is why we do our best so that the railway fleet modernization does not result in negative consequences for the environment.

Best practices

Thanks to best practices in the area of recycling of wagons withdrawn from exploitation, during the 10 years of the Company’s activity, almost 40 thousand tons of steel were re-circulated. This number would allow to produce over 2000 completely new freight wagons.

Reduction of the noise levels

Our goal is to reduce the noise emitted by railway fleet by half. We value active development and searching for new solutions in this area, which is why the entire DB Group invests in equipping its wagon fleet in quiet composite brake blocks, and DB Cargo as the first railway freight carrier began modernization of the fleet to this end.

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Thanks to the change of the transport structure, DB Cargo Polska reduces almost 150 000 tons of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere annually.

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Approx. 85% of transport performance in DB Cargo Polska is performed with electric locomotives, with a low level of emissivity and a high level of safety.

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Average emissions for gross tonne-kilometre transported with electric rolling stock are over a half lower than the ones transported with diesel rolling stock.
"The aspect of environment protection and efficient use of resources is written in the daily operational activity of DB Cargo Polska, starting with eco-friendly solutions in the workplace, and ending with procurement policy and waste management. All processes are regularly monitored in terms of their influence on the natural environment."

Aleksandra Konieczny, Communication and CSR Specialist

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