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Smart investing and development

Understanding and analysis of the influence on the economy

The DB Cargo Group operates globally, but in every country where it is present, influences positively local economies.

Thanks to the investments, expenditures on a development of products and services and creating workplaces it contributes to, among others, not only Polish railway sector, but also the entire Polish economy.

The input of the DB Cargo Polska Group companies into the development of Polish economy is not only transportation fees for the access to the railway infrastructure. It is an influence, which impacts Polish economy through many channels. Its understanding and knowing the scale of impact is an element of a regular publication called Impact Analysis of the DB Cargo Polska Group on the  Economic, Social and Natural Environment.


added value generated thanks to the Group’s activities


workplaces created and maintained thanks to our business


household incomes generated thanks to our business


value of Group’s purchases from Polish suppliers


taxes paid by the Group in Poland


increase in household incomes in Poland between 2016 and 2018 generated by the DB Cargo Polska Group



DB Cargo Polska analyzes its direct influence on economy on three levels. Direct impact is measured by effects for economy, which result from the Company’s daily business, which mean added value that we create in our services, created workplaces, paid taxes, renumerations we pay our employees.


Digging deeper, the company analyzes its direct impact on the economy through cooperation with other entities from different industries and sectors, such as suppliers and manufacturers. The development of their business results in creating added value, new workplaces and renumerations, and that means increase in household incomes.


Household incomes, generated by DB Cargo Polska both directly – among its employees, and indirectly – among the employees of suppliers and subcontractors, also support the development of Polish GDP in a form of consumption expenses. This effect is another influence – a so-called induced effect.
"A better understanding of the influence of the Company’s business helps us in responsible management and the Company’s growth, based on the principle of sustainable growth in every dimension."

Katarzyna Marciniak, Spokesperson at DB Cargo Polska

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