DB Cargo Polska in the Report on Responsible Business in Poland

Thirteen good practices of DB Cargo Polska have been published in this year's Report on Responsible Business in Poland. For the sixth time, the Responsible Business Forum points at DB Cargo Poland's activities in the area of sustainable development.

The latest edition of the report, published periodically by the Responsible Business Forum since 2002, is a collection of 1958 activities carried out by 225 companies. The report provides an overview of companies' CSR activities and summarises the most important activities in this area, which were implemented by various enterprises in Poland last year.

The 2020 edition of the report lists thirteen DB Cargo Polska activities, including 11 in the “Labour Practices” category, one activity in the “Corporate Governance” category and one in the “Environment” category. The listed good practices  included “New safety procedures during pandemics that go beyond the requirements of the law”, “Minutes for safety”, “Lessons from incidents”, “Employee chat with the Management Board”, “MyDBCargoPL app” and “Nastawnia rooms – to have a rest during breaks at work”.

“DB Cargo Polska's commitment to the achievement of the sustainability goals is not only reflected in its promotional activities, but is above all an important aspect of our daily business processes. We constantly measure our impact on the environment, we consistently reduce our carbon footprint and noise emissions, strengthen transport safety and improve working conditions,” says Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska. “Year 2020 was a very special year, affected by the pandemic and the need to face restrictions it brought. This makes me all the more pleased that we have managed to take initiatives which, by becoming good practices, can be an inspiration for the wider business environment,” he adds.           

The employee volunteering programme “Kolej na Pomaganie” implemented by DB Cargo Polska has become a long-standing practice that has appeared continuously in the good practice report since 2015.

All practices listed in the Responsible Business Report are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to this categorisation, the described practices of DB Cargo Polska are in line with the following objectives: decent work and economic growth; sustainable cities and communities; good health and well-being; industry, innovation and infrastructure; responsible consumption and production; life on land.

“The pandemic, which has lasted for more than a year, has not stopped our efforts aiming at sustainability. It has changed our priorities, though. We have directed our efforts primarily towards ensuring safety of our employees, customers and contractors. Hence the overwhelming predominance of good labour practices,” says Katarzyna Marciniak, Head of Management Board Office, Transformation and Digitalization  at DB Cargo Polska. “Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have anchored our activities firmly in the virtual world, where we have moved the meetings of the Management Board with employees in the form of chat rooms and company communication with employees using the MyDBCargoPL mobile news app,” she adds.

Full version of the report is available at: https://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Raport-OBwP_2020.pdf