DB Cargo Polska • PKP Energetyka • Together for Green Railway and climate protection

 DB Cargo Polska • PKP Energetyka • Together for Green Railway and climate protection

DB Cargo Polska and PKP Energetyka signed a letter of intent expressing willingness to cooperate in the Green Railway Programme, the aim of which is to develop principles of supplying railway transports of DB Cargo Polska with traction energy coming from renewable energy sources (RES) in 100% within 3 years. As a result, DB Cargo Polska will be able to introduce ecological freight transport services into the Polish market.

(Zabrze, Warsaw, 15 February 2021). DB Cargo Poland actively participates in the Green Railway Programme initiated by the Railway Energy Efficiency Centre (CEEK). According to the letter of intent signed by the Companies, the partners hereby undertake to develop a model for the purchase of energy from renewable sources to power transports provided by DB Cargo Polska. As a result of this cooperation, half of the traction energy supplied to the carrier by PKP Energetyka will be environmentally friendly since January 2022 already, and ultimately from January 2023, it will be 100% of the volume. Thus, DB Cargo Polska will become a Green Carrier supplying its electric rolling stock entirely with energy from RES.

Sustainable development is of great importance for both companies. Care for the natural environment and protection of its resources are values which guide the signatories of the agreement in their daily activities. As a part of the signed letter of intent, the parties undertake to exchange knowledge, experience and information in order to develop the most beneficial solutions for the use of electricity coming from RES to provide railway transports.

"We fully realise that our business does not remain without an impact on the environment in which we operate. Being aware of this and meeting our customers' expectations, we have developed two products within the DB Cargo Group, ‘DBeco plus’ and ‘DBeco neutral’. The first product allows the customers to have their transports supplied with electricity from RES, while the entire process is monitored and certified by TÜV SÜD. With the second product, the customers may offset CO2 emissions with participation in ecological projects,” says Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska. “’DBeco plus’ is currently available in Germany and Austria. We hope that with the cooperation with PKP Energetyka we will be able to extend the offer to the Polish railway market” - he adds.  

Rail is already one of the most sustainable and ecological means of transport. A freight train emits twice less carbon dioxide per tonne-kilometre than sea transport and four times less than road transport. To strengthen the railway's green footprint, leading companies in the sector are actively working within CEEK to increase the amount of green energy in the Polish traction network, which today accounts for 12%. 

“Over the last 5 years, the PKP Energetyka team has undergone a digital and organisational transformation, which today allows us to offer decarbonisation opportunities to our customers. In line with the global trends, green products and services will be a key competitive advantage for the companies. We want rail to attract as many freight and passenger streams as possible, so Green Railway is one of the pillars of our 2030 strategy. We are very happy that our offer is a part of the green supply chain of DB Cargo Polska. The signed letter of intent shows that partner cooperation within our sector can create even more environmentally friendly transport services”, says Wojciech Orzech, CEO of PKP Energetyka.

The European Union has clearly identified rail as the mode of transport which will allow for achieving the ambitious climate goals set out in the Green Deal. Europe is clear about where the future of safe, green transport lies and chooses to promote it - hence 2021 has been declared the European Year of the Rail.

“DB Cargo Polska has been carrying out corporate social responsibility projects for many years. Good practices of DB Cargo Polska in the fields of working environment and ecology have been published for five years in the ‘Responsible Business in Poland’ report issued by the Responsible Business Forum. In addition, the company has the multi-dimensional effects generated in the Polish economy analysed in detail. The publications comprehensively summarise the impact of DB Cargo Polska's activities on its environment,” says Robert Nowakowski, Member Management Board of DB Cargo Polska. “The cooperation with PKP Energetyka to develop solutions allowing for the use of renewable energy in the traction network is one of the many activities we are undertaking during the European Year of Rail,” he adds.

Thanks to the mobilisation and involvement of the entire railway industry, including PKP Energetyka, in the joint initiative i.e. the Railway Energy Efficiency Centre - the concept of the Polish Green Railway has been created. I am glad that today we are moving from the concept stage to the implementation stage. We believe that we will systematically extend the list of carriers, who will offer their customers transports that are based on ‘green’ energy, making the railway industry the leader of the green transformation - said Leszek Hołda, Member of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka.