Employee benefits

  • Employee exchange program
    In DB Cargo Polska we care about the development of our employees and an efficient cooperation between various areas of the company. The employee exchange program aims at broadening knowledge and exchanging good practices between employees. It provides an opportunity to take part in projects and trainings both internal, and international.
  • Rich offer of internal and external trainings which is updated regularly based on submitted needs. The employees of DB Cargo Polska can benefit from trainings in Polish and English, conducted both stationary and online. 
  • Co-financing of studies and foreign language learning
    The employees of DB Cargo Polska can count on support in terms of their development needs, not only by learning foreign languages, but also by increasing their professional competencies at Bachelor, engineering, Master, and postgraduate studies.
  • Sports package – Medicover Sport
    A foreign language course is organized by DB Cargo Polska at hours convenient for an employee, in a remote form. Additionally, we co-finance courses outside the company, in a school chosen by an employee.
  • Cafeteria plan – Motivizer
    Thousands of sports venues in Poland are available for DB Cargo Polska employees with an Medicover Sport sports package. In the system it is possible to buy subscription benefits (e.g. Medicover Sport sports cards), and single-use benefits (e.g. holiday resorts, cinema tickets, discounts). The employees have a constant access to a full, diverse benefits offer.
  • Private healthcare (LuxMed)
    DB Cargo Polska employees can use occupational medicine services, consultations with a specialized doctors, diagnostics and outpatient treatments throughout the country. For DB Cargo Polska employees it is possible to include family members in the private medical care system.
  • Group life insurance
    DB Cargo Polska employees and their family members can join group life insurance.
  • Financial benefits for vacation – holiday benefit 
    Every year, during vacation season, DB Cargo Polska employees receive vacation subsidies, regardless of their job tenure.
  • Additional free of work day
    Every year, DB Cargo Polska employees receive an additional day free of work – an internal Employee Day.
  • Co-financing of children’s holidays of DB Cargo Polska employees.
  • Employee Loan and Donation Association
    DB Cargo Polska employees can accumulate financial input and take out loans from the Employee Loan and Donation Association.
  • Charging pre-paid cards for holidays (spring and winter)
    Twice a year, before holiday seasons, DB Cargo Polska employees receive subsidies in a form of top-ups to a prepaid card.
  • Support for employees with charitable initiatives
    Everyone can become a volunteer in DB Cargo Polska. We offer financial support for performed voluntary actions and communication of conducted activities. We also organize a contest of voluntary initiatives and The Voluntary Work Gala.
  • Company mobile app (myDBCargoPL)
    The application, which is an interactive, mobile information service for DB Cargo Polska employees. Our employees can use the application on any device with an Internet access (computer, smartphone, tablet).