Comprehensive rolling stock maintenance services

Experience and quality

Take care of your business safety and use the quality which guarantees reliability of the functionality of your rolling stock.

Thanks to over 800 qualified employees, a modern work organization based on wheelset pipelines and high-end technological solutions, automatic wagon straightener, we offer comprehensive rolling stock maintenance services of the highest quality.

 We offer running and periodical repairs of the freight wagons:

  • class E - eg. Eaos, Eamnoss,
  • class F - eg. Fals/Falns, Fas 418V (Dumpcar), Facc 411V (Hopper),
  • class R - Res, Rgs, Rilns,
  • class S - Snps, Shimms,
  • class H - Hbbilns,
  • class Z - tank wagons (Kędzierzyn).

 We offer running and periodic repairs and inspections of the following locomotives:

  • diesel (TEM2, T448p, S200, 311D, Class66, BR232, DE6400),
  • electric (3E, E181, E182, BR186, BR189, Vectron),
  • machinery and equipment for track works: railway trolleys, WM-15 motor cars.

We render services of washing and cleaning of wagons

In workshops in Kędzierzyn we render additional services of washing and cleaning of tank wagons of different types, e.g. cleaning of foodstuff, a tanker cleaning after transport of tar, cases, any bitumen and benzol. We are registered in Waste Database (Baza Danych Odpadowych) under the number 000009931.

Mobile services of rolling stock

We own a fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles operating outside the workshops. Thanks to the service vehicles, in short time we are on site, ready to begin wagon and locomotive repair actions.

 Additional services:

  • locomotive modernizations and adaptation to the Polish conditions,
  • construction and reconstruction of the freight wagons according to the documentation provided by a Customer,
  • regeneration of the rolling stock subcomponents, such as wheel sets originating from various rail vehicles: wheel sets revisions, tyring,
  • safety equipment installation,
  • washing and cleaning for different types of wagons and cleaning of the stationary tanks at the customer places (at the customer’s request we provide also services on holidays),
  • cleaning after transport of RID/ADR products of such classes as 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 (loose products and granulates), cleaning of foodstuff, a tanker cleaning after transport of asphalt, cases, and any bitumen.

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