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DB Cargo Polska is a signatory of the Diversity Charter

DB Cargo Polska as the first railway company in Poland joined the group of employers for which equal treatment of employees and diversity management constitute a significant element of the development strategy. more…

Good practices in the “Report on the Responsible Business in Poland 2016

Good practices within the fields of working environment and ecology implemented by DB Cargo Polska were noticed for the second time by the Responsible Business Forum and described in the “Report on the Responsible Business in Poland 2016. Good Practices”. more…

“Kolej na oddychanie”, a social campaign of DB Cargo Polska

10,000 dust masks and handouts on how to behave during particularly high concentration of air pollutants were distributed among the employees of DB Cargo Polska and the citizen of Zabrze and Rybnik in the “Kolej na oddychanie” social campaign. more…

DB Cargo Polska S.A.

Customer Service Office
ul. Wolności 337
41-800 Zabrze
Phone: +48 32 78 89 610
E-Mail: bok@dbschenker.pl

Contact for customers

DB Cargo Polska S.A.

Human Resources
ul. Wolności 337
41-800 Zabrze
Tel./Phone: +48 32 7889 230
E-Mail: rekrutacja.pl@deutschebahn.com

Our values


Liner train

DB Cargo Polska with DB Cargo Spedkol and DB Cargo Deutschland offer line trains connections between Silesia, industrial regions of central and northern Poland and Western Europe, via Germany, Southern Europe and from Czech Republic. more…

We offer the comprehensive rolling stock maintenance services

Experience and quality are key values. They have been the base for the stable development at rolling stock maintenance sector for years, i.e. repairs of the freight wagons, diesel and electric locomotives, and the rolling stock components. more…

Presentation of the locomotive DE 6400