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Single wagons and group of wagons’ European network is developing

DB Cargo Polska with DB Cargo Spedkol and DB Cargo Deutschland offer line trains connections between Silesia, industrial regions of central and northern Poland and Western Europe, via Germany, Southern Europe and from Czech Republic.

DB Cargo Polska currently operates three liner trains: Mazovia, Moravia and Śląsk.


In 2014 new, direct connection from Germany to central and northern Poland has been started.

Establishing the new connection at the beginning of 2014, liner train Mazovia, the companies DB Cargo Deutschland and DB Cargo Polska created another attractive offer of trans-border cargo connection between Germany and Poland. This train complements the below trains that were introduced a few years earlier: Śląsk and Moravia. Thus, DB Cargo increases its network of connections of single wagons and wagon groups up to the area of central and northern Poland, creating first and foremost connections with Germany, Western Europe and Czech Republic. This way, completely new perspectives open for railway cargo transport in the whole Europe. 

DB Cargo commissioning another liner train between Poland and Germany, responses to the clients' demand from industrial sectors, who expect flexible and reliable solutions within international cargo transportation. The liner train Mazovia runs three times a week from Seddin station near Berlin through Frankfurt (Oder) to Poznań and twice from Poznań to Kutno.

Our offer has many benefits, especially for those clients who have their own sidings – these are for example companies operating in chemical, paper, steel and automotive sector as well as household equipment producers. Mazovia liner train allows for significant reduction of time of wagons turnover comparing to current transport solutions. Moreover, DB Cargo offers to its clients regular timetables and stable commercial terms. The offer is complemented by complex solutions that can be prepared according to individual expectations of our clients. These are professional forwarding services rendered by DB Cargo Spedkol.


Runs: Since the end of 2012.

Route: It extends the route of liner train Śląsk to south, between Sławięcice station in Poland and Ostrava in Czech Republic. Border crossing Chałupki/ Bohumín

Frequency: Three times a week.

Connections: From all target stations assigned to liner trains Śląsk and Mazovia through Ostrava, then connection to connection network operated by CD Cargo.


Runs: Since the beginning of 2010.

Route: Starts at Senftenberg station. Border crossing Horka / Bielawa Dolna (due to construction works until 2016 the border crossing is moved to Goerlitz/ Zgorzelec). Further route runs via Wrocław, Sławięcice and Gliwice to Sosnowiec Jęzor station.

Frequency: Six times a week.

Connections: At the moment, access to 29 target stations operating 58 receivers / dispatchers

Benefits for clients:

  • reduction of wagons turnover time,
  • regular timetable,
  • full forwarding service covering among other things wagons notification and current information concerning wagons stay,
  • guarantee of stable rate within a long period of time,
  • very competitive rates for hazardous cargo transportation,
  • option to transport from Western and Southern Europe to East and back using the terminal DB Cargo Spedkol in Sławków and fast-track line,
  • srvice performed in whole from a “single hand”, allowing to reduce lead time and costs of transportation,
  • fast connection with the largest cargo network in Europe
  • complex sector-oriented expert’s opinion.

DB Cargo Polska executes intermodal connections carried out from German ports to terminals in Poland and connection from Barking in Great Britain to Kąty Wrocławskie.