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The strength of traditional block trains

Efficient organization of traffic based on block trains, functioning within DB Cargo Polska, is possible due to high quality of bulk cargo transportation, which is fast and reliable.

The concept for such kind of traffic consists in transport of goods from the initial station to the final destination without the necessity to split up and add wagons en route, on the basis of one railway bill.

Number of train wagons depends on the individual customer preferences. About 90 to 120 pairs of train operate every day on different routes such as from Germany, Belarus, Russia and Slovenia.

Thanks to our comprehensive supply chain service "from one source" and implementation of individual solutions for customers, we offer smooth and quick deliveries from supplier to final recipient. Bulk cargo transportation, including coal, construction materials and chemicals, is a dominant business activity of DB Cargo Polska.

DB Cargo Polska transport offer includes following cargo groups:

  • solid fuels: power and coke coal, coke,
  • liquid fuels: petrol, mineral oils, tar, benzene,
  • construction materials: aggregate (sand, gravel, limestone), slag, ash,
  • industrial and consumer goods: timber, household goods,
  • chemicals: neutral and hazardous substances, i.e. carbamide, adhesives,
  • products for automotive industry.

Based on rail transport concession and licence, we are systematically expanding our cooperation with new customers, providing high quality transport services and modern logistic concepts adjusted to individual needs of our customers.

We are an experienced rail carrier with long-lasting presence on the international market.