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Innovative and efficient solutions for the Consumer market

Consumer products market requires unique logistic and warehousing solutions. Our experience in this market provides you with a competitive advantage in terms of supply chain, reduction of general costs and efficiency increase.

DB Cargo carry out handling of many reputable customers with whom we have established a long-term cooperation. B2C (Business to Consumer) sector is our main area of business activity. We also work very hard with regard to costs reduction while simultaneously increasing efficiency. This in effect is reflected in more efficient supply chain and tangible profit.

We ensure a tight cooperation in terms of development of personalised solutions that are tailored to the determined needs – to optimise your provisions, shorten the time to reach the market and improve relations with trade partners.

Global network of DB Cargo along with a strong local presence in countries around the world allows a reliable operation and performance of supply chain in every corner of the globe, providing an access to our complete portfolio of logistic services. We connect all means of transport, among others: railway, road, air and maritime. Moreover, we  integrate solutions along with additional services and warehousing to ensure comprehensive services. We also offer a broad scope of additional services together with customs clearance, co-packing services, orders operations, production supplies, projects, fairs and exhibitions operation. We guarantee ecological transport on request.