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Innovative and efficient solutions

Building material manufacturers must be able to rely on a high-performing logistics partner. The consumer industry demands unique logistics and warehousing solutions. Our extensive experience throughout this market provides you with a competitive advantage.

At DB Cargo, we have numerous blue-chip Consumer industry customers with whom we have developed long-term partnerships.  We operate generally in the B2C (Business to Consumer) field and we work hard at generating cost savings while increasing productivity to provide improved supply chain efficiency and true value to you.

We work closely together with you to develop customized supply chain solutions, individually fine-tuned to your own specific needs -  to allow you to enjoy optimized inventories, shortened time to market and improved relationships with your business partners.

DB Cargo's global network together with a strong local presence in countries throughout the world allows for the reliable handling and execution of supply chains in all geographies, with worldwide access to our complete portfolio of logistics services. We link all transport modes, including rail freight, land transport, air- and sea-freight, and integrate our solutions with value added services and warehousing to create true end-to-end solutions. We also offer a wide variety of supplementary services, including customs clearance, co-packing, fulfillment, production supply, projects shipments and Fairs and Exhibitions services. Eco-friendly transport is also available upon request.

In the building materials industry, enormous quantities of raw materials and goods are transported every day. This requires exceptional organization, implementation and equipment demands within the supply chain. By choosing DB Schenker, you will reap the benefits of our extensive cross-border network of rail freight services. We offer you a Railport system with high-capacity service centers, the very latest loading and unloading techniques and special rail transport equipment. Our experience and expertise mean we can ensure precisely scheduled workflow management and deliver 'just-in-time' solutions for raw materials, building materials (such as cement, clay, gravel and chippings), construction elements and concrete parts.

In addition to the logistics handling of building materials, we also offer customized solutions for waste disposal logistics and logistical infrastructures for key raw materials - lime, gypsum and slurry.