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DB Cargo Polska – Part of European Railway Network

DB Cargo is the only provider of the railway transport services, which provides the opportunity to enter the markets of the entire continent, based on the European production network.

DB Cargo Polska S.A. is a part of the leading freight rail operator in Europe, DB Cargo AG, associating the freight rail companies, owned by Deutsche Bahn – one of the largest logistics groups in the world. DB Cargo is currently present in almost all European markets, from Spain to Russia, from Sweden to Italy.

DB Cargo Polska S.A. was founded in 2009 as a result of a merger and acquisition of small and medium-sized companies, operating mainly in the coal transport services industry. Till May of 2016 official name of company was DB Schenker Rail Polska, at present, it is DB Cargo Polska.

The Company's vision is to be the provider of the premium railway transports in Poland as part of the strong European network of DB Schenker Rail. For the company, it means implementation of the strategy in the following areas: provision of high-quality services, profitable growth, attractive working environment, and environmental protection.

We provide Logistic Solutions Tailored to Customer Needs.

Thanks to the convenient geographical location, access to the sea port, and the owned transhipment terminals, DB Cargo Polska offers both the forwarding and freight, transit, export, and import services, both to and from the CIS countries (Russia, Belarus), the Baltic countries, and other parts of Europe; and the Customers are offered a comprehensive service from a single supplier.

The company is experienced in the transport of solid fuels, especially coal, but also liquid fuels and chemical products (including hazardous substances), steel products, construction materials, mainly aggregates, slag, ash, industrial goods and consumer products, and shipments for the automotive industry. The company also transports containers and oversized cargo, requiring implementation of the customised solutions.

The wide range of services also includes the siding services, which comprise rail siding transports, operation of traffic positions, loading and unloading points, and repairs and routine maintenance of the railway infrastructure.

Thanks to the access to the sea port in Szczecin, which is an important element for the development of the rail transport, DB Cargo Polska offers transportation not only to/from the port to/from inside of the country, but also to the countries of Central and Western Europe.

DB Cargo Polska provides logistic services in the westernmost point of the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line in Sławków, where the standard gauge rails are connected with the broad gauge ones, and where two railway transport routes connecting Europe and Asia meet. The terminal operations offer, in addition to reloading and storing of goods, also includes the preparation of the full customs and transport documentation.

As a part of the services, DB Cargo Polska provides full technical advice and support in the transport planning. The company ensures the selection of the optimum and most beneficial solutions that meet all expectations and specified requirements that makes complex and complicated transport systems simple.

Logistic Solutions That Guarantee Optimisation of Transport Service.

Since 2010, DB Cargo Polska in cooperation with DB Cargo Deutschland, has been developing a network of line trains offering transports in the train sets, wagon groups, and single wagons.

Currently, the company operates three line trains: Silesia, Moravia, and Mazovia, which run several times a week. The trains provide not only a perfect connection between Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland, but also open up new prospects towards the whole of Europe. While using a line train, it is possible to get connected to the network of trains running in the scattered traffic in Germany or the Czech Republic and other countries of South-East Europe, or outsource the transport of goods to western Europe, for instance to France or Spain.