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Together with numerous specialized companies, we offer our customers a variety of transport and logistics solutions.

The forwarding and transport company headquartered in Kędzierzyn Koźle is a service provider specializing in freight forwarding, transporting chemical products, operating sidings, cleaning tank cars and locomotives, inspection, repairs and maintenance.

DB Cargo Spedkol Sp. z o.o.

Szkolna 15 street
47-225 Kędzierzyn-Koźle

+48 77 4886 581

Fax: +48 77 4886 894


DB Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o.

Bytomska 14
70-603 Szczecin

+48 91 4308 660

Fax: +48 91 4624 779

The core business areas of the Company include:

  • comprehensive and effective performance of investment tasks, modernizations and repairs of railway infrastructure
  • making railway lines and sidetracks managed by Infra SILESIA S.A. available to railway carriers.

Infra SILESIA has at its disposal heavy, mechanized, specialized equipment for track works.

In addition, for many years the company has provided comprehensive maintenance services for the railway infrastructure of industrial sidetracks and logistics centres, including:

  • ongoing maintenance and diagnostics of track surface
  • ongoing maintenance and diagnostics of CCS devices
  • maintenance and service of wire communications and train radiocommunications equipment
  • maintenance of engineering structures
  • maintenance of tracks and turnouts in winter

The company also provides advisory services in the scope of:

  • assigning the status of the railway infrastructure
  • drafting up By-laws, Rules and Price Lists.


Kłokocińska 51
44-251 Rybnik

+48 32 7394 810

Fax: +48 32 7394 810

DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o. is a part of Deutsche Bahn AG, the biggest rail freight operator in Europe. It’s a newly founded company and benefits from the close cooperation with other DB Cargo AG subsidiaries.

The company offers seamless cross-border services for international traffics. DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o. provides unique rail freight solutions and shift more international traffics into the Czech rail network. 
The company uses the modern fleet of multi-system locomotives Siemens BR 189.

DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o.
Hlubinská 1378/36
702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava
Czech Republic


Tomasz Iwański - CEO of DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o.