DB Cargo Logo

What we stand for

DB Cargo embodies the concept of the DB Group which reflects our mission, vision and values. The key questions are: „Who are we?“ „What is our mission?“ and „How do we achieve it all?“

Who we are?

We are a leading global mobility and logistics company.

We have successfully developed our company and positioned it for a promising future.

We continuously develop mobility and logistics solutions – locally, nationally and globally – as an integrated company with a strong railway at its core.

We operate the transportation networks of the future, transporting people and moving goods in end-to-end mobility and logistics chains.

We have reached a leading international market position in the industries in which we operate.

What is our goal?

We are becoming the world’s leading mobility and logistics company.

We build our position of leadership along the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability. We harmonize these dimensions to ensure the sustainable business success of our company as well as its social acceptance.

Economic: As a profitable market leader, we offer our customers first-class mobility and logistics solutions.

Social: As a top employer in Germany and abroad, we win and build loyalty with qualified employees who work with enthusiasm for DB and its customers.

Environmental: As an eco-pioneer, our products set standards for the efficient use of resources.

How do we achieve this?

We convince customers, employees and investors.

Customer oriented: We put our customers and their needs first because satisfied customers are the basis for the success of our company. Our customers choose us for the high quality of our products, our competitive prices and our reliable provision of service.

Economically successful: We strive to sustainably increase the value of our company in order to be able to access the capital markets and to secure future investment.

Progressive: We foster flexibility, a willingness to learn, an awareness of quality and the courage to question and continuously improve the status quo; accordingly, we offer a motivating work environment and the opportunity to take part in the company’s success. Innovative solutions generate new market opportunities.

Collaborative: We work across functional and divisional boundaries to achieve our shared goals. We view employee satisfaction as a prerequisite for customer satisfaction and business success.Responsible: We act in an exemplary manner, based on the principles of integrity and concern for the needs of our stakeholders. We are committed to social responsibility and see ourselves as a pioneer of climate- and environmentally-friendly transportation.