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DB Cargo Polska introduced DE 6400 locomotive to the Polish tracks.

DB Cargo Polska expanded its engine fleet with eleven modern DE6400 shunting locomotives.

They were brought from the Netherlands under the cooperation between business units of the DB Cargo Group. Ultimately, the company is planning to get as many as thirty such locomotives.

“DE 6400 locomotives are one of the cutting-edge engines on the Polish tracks. Modern and effective fleet of shunting locomotives strengthens our position on the Polish railway market. Their utilization will certainly be translated into even higher quality and reliability of services that we provide and will bring us closer to our goal, that is, reaching the status of a Premium company” – says Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska.

DE6400 is a four-axle diesel locomotive with electric transmission gear, equipped with MTU engine with 1180 kW power. The machine is fitted with additional diesel engine which along with efficient main unit allows for significant reduction of CO2 emission. Asynchronous traction engines ensure low failure rate and modular construction allows for quick and efficient repairs. Maximum speed up to 100 km/h enables versatile utilization of the locomotive, both on railway routes and on sidings. Better visibility and lower noise emission contribute to high safety and work comfort.

Low failure rate, low fuel consumption, modular construction, speed up to 100 km/h are the advantages which will allow us to offer our customers the Premium services. It has been confirmed by the test operation, the outcome of which was an approval certificate. I would like to thank all parties involved in the Polonization process for the constructive dialogue and professional attitude” – says Michael Hetzer, Board Member for Production at DB Cargo Polska.

Photos of the locomotive are available at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwihLNYaWP7qUnJ6c1ltRnRQWkk?usp=sharing