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“Ecology Today – Health Tomorrow” – make free medical tests while shopping

“Ecology Today – Health Tomorrow” action will take place on 23rd March in the Platan shopping centre in Zabrze and on 24th March in the Auchan shopping centre in Rybnik.

“Ecology today – health tomorrow” – is an educational action of DB Cargo Polska S.A. Its purpose is to demonstrate the importance of the impact that is made by the natural environment and lifestyle on the human health. With free preventive tests, the Company intends to make the citizens of Zabrze and Rybnik aware of the need to take care of healthy lifestyle.

One of the methods to improve the situation is to limit the emission of fumes. Apart from the emission of pollutions from coal furnaces, traffic pollution contribute to creation of smog and greenhouse effect, phenomena hazardous to humans and the ecosystem.

- The scale of the problem is best pictured by the level of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emitted in traffic. The emission factor in grams per tonne-km in case of road transport is 95.9. Transport of the same cargo by seaway emits only 33.1 g of carbon dioxide per tonne-km while delivering it by rail brings only 20.3 g – informs Katarzyna Marciniak, the spokesman of DB Cargo Polska S.A.

“Ecology Today – Health Tomorrow” action will take place on 23rd March in the Platan shopping centre in Zabrze (ul. Plac Teatralny 12) between 3 pm and 8 pm and on 24th March in the Auchan shopping centre in Rybnik (ul. Jana Kotucza 100) between 11 am and 4 pm in cooperation with Medical University of Silesia.

The customers will be able to make spirometry analyses (to check the volume of lungs which might indicate diseases of the respiratory system), glycaemia (sugar level in blood) and other basic medical examinations.

Available without the need to get registered in clinics, such tests make the health and ecologic education more attractive. Acquiring knowledge about the condition of one’s health provokes reflection on the impact of pollution on the environment. Information materials about the ways of protecting the natural environment will be handed out on the diagnostic stand.

For many years, DB Cargo Polska has been carrying out projects related to social responsibility of the business addressed to the employees and citizens of the cities of Silesia. The actions taken include the “Kolej na pomaganie” corporate volunteering programme, “Dni Zdrowia i Bezpieczeństwa” to promote safety and healthy lifestyle as well as ecologic education “Ekoludek Leon radzi” or “Kolej na oddychanie”. Good practices related to the work environment and ecology applied by DB Cargo Polska have been appreciated by the Responsible Business Forum and described in the report entitled “Responsible Business in Poland 2016”. Additionally, last year the company cooperated with Deloitte Advisory and analysed in detail the multidimensional effects in the Polish economy it generates. The publication is a complex summary of the influence of the Company’s activity on its surrounding in 2016. The investigation included several dozen indicators in three crucial areas: economy, society and natural environment.