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DB Cargo Polska consistently puts rail safety first

DB Cargo Polska has signed the “Declaration on the Development of Safety Culture in Rail Transport”. The company has therefore confirmed its willingness to cooperate with the entire rail environment for the sake of safety.

Upon signing the Declaration, the company became one of ninety signatories of the document confirming full cooperation of the railway market for the sake of safety. The signatories include the representatives of government administration, carriers, infrastructure administrators and production companies for rail transport.

 “The image of railway as the safest means of transport is not accidental. It is the result of enormous effort of all carriers that operate on the market. The Declaration is an important document which allows for the integration of all entities for the sake of safe railway. Safety is a priority for DB Cargo. The company has implemented and developed internal safety procedures for years, at the same time training the employees and making them aware of the issue. Several years ago the company introduced the so-called ombudsman, that is an external, independent expert to whom the employees may report all irregularities. As a result, the indicators which monitor the rate of accidents have been consistently dropping for several years. The observance of strict safety standards is the basis for the provision of high-level transport services. This way we guarantee safety of freight entrusted to us by our customers” – says Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska.

The “Safety & Health Days” organised by the company each year include numerous shows and lectures which give the employees and clients the possibility to learn the principles of safe work and procedures regarding the transport of hazardous goods in an interesting, interactive form. The message is reinforced with many articles published in the internal company magazine. At the same time, specially appointed internal services take care of appropriate qualifications of employees. In the last half of year only over 2500 employees were instructed, examined and trained.

DB Cargo Spedkol and Infra Silesia, daughter companies of DB Cargo Polska Group are both the signatories of the “Declaration on the Development of Safety Culture in Rail Transport” as well.

Railway Transport Office is the initiator of the declaration. Detailed information can be found: www.utk.gov.pl