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Our tains run as usual

Pursuant to the Ordinance of the Minister of Interior and Administration, the border traffic on specific border crossings has been restricted or restricted temporarily. However, those restrictions are  not applicable to the flow of goods. Cross-border freight transports are carried out as usual, with no limitations.

The dynamic situation of pandemic and a number of difficulties it entails has put us on full alert. It is a new situation to us with completely new scenarios and challenges. Our priority – as we have underlined numerous times – is safety of not only our employees but also of operational continuity and provision of transport services. We organize our work so that it would allow not only to keep safety but also to carry out our tasks as agreed, within dates, reliably and with the highest quality.

Management Board of DB Cargo Polska has appointed a special team that keeps track of the situation within the country and takes all preventive measures to ensure widely understood safety to all of us. Our employees receive detailed instructions and are obliged to apply stricter safety precautions, they limit personal contact, resign from business trips or visits to particularly exposed places.

Our employees are available to you at the current phone numbers and e-mails.

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