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Impact Analysis of DB Cargo Polska Group on the Economic, Social and Natural Environment

PLN 975 Mio. contribution to the production of goods and services • 9704 workplaces generated • PLN 297 Mio. revenue in households • PLN 593 Mio. purchases from Polish vendors • PLN 37 Mio. taxes paid

During TRAKO, the International Railway Fair, DB Cargo Polska presented the Impact Analysis on the Economic, Social and Natural Environment. The publication is a complex summary of the impact of the Company’s activity on its surrounding in years 2017 and 2018. Several dozen indicators in three crucial areas have been investigated: economy, society and natural environment. The impact of the Company on the surrounding has been presented as a sum of direct, indirect and induced economic effects.

DB Cargo Polska attaches a great importance to the sustainable development. We are fully aware that we are not an island and the environment we function in does not remain unaffected by the business activity we conduct. Therefore as early as in 2017 as the first rail company in Poland we decided to examine the impact on the surrounding we function in – says Steffen Bobsien, CEO of DB Cargo Polska. – Results of the analyses allow us to have a better understanding of the needs of our environment and are a valuable hint in building a sustainable strategy for the development of our enterprise.

The impact analysis proves that efficient management and introduced improvements have brought notable, positive effects to the surrounding. The value of measured indicators shows how significant the impulse given to the economy by DB Cargo Polska is. It can be clearly translated into the increase of the domestic production, demand and competitiveness, into creating and maintaining workplaces or growth of revenues in the households as well as into the development of widely understood social surrounding. Apart from the indicators in the economic and social area, the publication describes the activities of the company related to limiting the negative impact on the natural surrounding and presents them, among others, from the perspective of reducing the emission of the greenhouse effect gases and the development of production processes that facilitate the protection of natural resources.

This is the second time DB Cargo Polska prepared the environment impact analysis. Just as two years ago, it was compiled in cooperation with Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

This year’s Impact Analysis will be promoted by Marek Kamiński, Polish explorer of the polar regions, traveller and entrepreneur, promoter of ecology and natural environment protection.