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Good practices of DB Cargo Polska an inspiration to develop responsible business in Poland

It has been the fifth time already that the practices of DB Cargo Polska have been included in the Report on Responsible Business in Poland prepared by the Responsible Business Forum. This year’s edition describes the record-breaking number of 9 practices submitted by the company.

For the first time the good practices of DB Cargo Polska were described by the Responsible Business Forum in report for 2015 when 3 measures were presented. Since then, practices of DB Cargo Polska have been set forth 29 times in total.

For three years all practices presented in the Report on Responsible Business have been combined with the UN sustainable development goals. According to those categories, practices of DB Cargo Polska fit into the following goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Good Health and Well-Being, Climate Actions and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The practices submitted by DB Cargo Polska to the annual RBF publication are selected based on the goals pursued by the organization and related to the sustainable development. They cover first and foremost, ecological aspects, the issues of development of the social environment and positive impact on the economy on both, local and national level.

This year’s edition includes practices related to social and charitable actions of the company which aim at supporting local communities, issues related to high safety standards at a workplace, creating an employee-friendly organization and measures aimed at increasing the environmental awareness.

Practices listed in this year’s publication include: myDBCARGOpl – a mobile application for employees, Impact Analysis of the DB Cargo Polska Group on the Environment, to practices related to work safety: Lessons Learned and Safety Minute, onboarding programme for new employees, Waste Segregation Event to promote selective waste collection, a social action to counteract addiction to smartphones Exchange the Mobile for a Board Game, the Employee Volunteering Programme Rail(way) to Help and the annual event for customers and contractors Health and Safety Day. The last two practices have been included in the report continuously since 2015.

We are happy that each year brings more and more practices to the report – says Steffen Bobsien, CEO of DB Cargo Polska. This year we submitted our two new projects, among others, “Waste Segregation Event” and “Exchange a Mobile for a Board Game”. The first fits into the worldwide tendency of combating climate change and reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste. Another one was created in reaction to the need to counteract phone addiction which becomes increasingly common among children and teenagers.

DB Cargo Polska is one of 10 companies from the Silesian Voivodeship the practices of which have been included in this year’s report. Full version is available at http://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/publikacje/raport-2019/