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Logistics solutions must be as various as the industries we serve. In each sector we have dedicated experts who will put their skills at your disposal. Sales is the ideal complement to our market units for all cross-sectoral questions.

For any questions you may have about strategic planning, the development of new logistics concepts or aspects of concluding contracts, the adjacent contact persons will be gladly at your disposal.

To get in touch with our experts of the particular market units, click the desired market unit in the menu below.

Coal, coke, steel, ore, scrap and metals – from loading to complex logistics services: we have special cars that allow us to meet all your transport requirements.

We accommodate your wishes and find reliable transport solutions suited to your needs. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we reach the goal together. 

We offer just-in-time solutions at the highest level so our customers like combined heat and power plants and steel manufacturers can reduce their storage capacities. We are also flexible and react immediately to changing situations.

Bogdan Tofilski

DB Cargo Polska S.A.

ul. Wolności 337
41-800 Zabrze

+48 603 062 511

Fax: +48 32 271 45 15

Through its Intermodal Market Unit, DB Schenker Rail Polska offers full-service transport organization for your containers – from the shipper to the consignee.

Intermodal transport, also referred to as combined transport, is in a phase of dynamic growth. It involves transporting freight in containers or other unified load units. The essence of transporting freight in load units is combining rail, truck and ocean transport with the aim of increasing economic efficiency and logistical flexibility while reducing environmental pollution.

The Intermodal Market Unit offers the following solutions:

  • Siding service at land and port container terminals
  • Transports from the Hamburg and Bremerhaven ports to land terminals in Poland and the rest of Europe
  • Spot and regular block train deliveries to/from Polish ports (Trójmiasto, Szczecin), other ports (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, ARA), and land terminals
  • Container car provision at any location in Europe

The Automotive Market Unit develops modern logistics solutions for the automotive industry – throughout Europe.

We offer services relating to auto part transports between suppliers and factories, inter-plant transports, and new car transports. Our European industry-specific train network ensures customized just-in-time carriage for the automotive industry – both for supplier transports and inter-plant transports.

The advantages of our services for you include safe and reliable deliveries, predictable transport time, reduced stocks through optimized transport, an excellent IT infrastructure and specialized expertise for the automotive market. All major car manufacturers in Poland including Fiat, GM and VW benefit.

Paweł Kornatowski

DB Cargo Polska S.A.

Wolności 337
41-800 Zabrze

+48 22 6220 543

The Building Materials, Industrial and Consumer Goods Market Unit offers a wide range of transport services and logistics solutions.

Our modern vehicle fleet allows us to perform all your orders. Our specialists for lime, gypsum, slurry, rail technology, secondary materials, alternative fuels, household goods, consumer and investment goods, paper, cellulose, timber and agricultural products would be happy to assist you.

Robert Bodzyński

DB Cargo Polska S.A.

ul. Wolności 337
41-800 Zabrze

+48 (0) 32 7889 762
+48 783 886 654

We transport chemical products, liquid fuels and fertilizers according to the highest standards – fast, safely and on time.

Optimizing costs and transporting freight safely along the entire route are important to us since many of the products we transport are hazardous goods.

We maintain long-standing relationships with our customers and take their own needs and requirements into account. We offer full-service logistics solutions within Europe. Together with our sister company DB Schenker BTT, we also offer intermodal transports of chemical products using state-of-the-art equipment and cars.

Krzysztof Chmielewski

Commercial Director
DB Cargo Spedkol Sp. z o.o.

ul. Szkolna 15
47-225 Kędzierzyn - Koźle

+48 (0)77 48860-58

Fax: +48 (0)77 48868-94

Mineral Resources

Krzysztof Ślusarczyk

Manager Klienta
DB Cargo Polska S.A.

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41-800 Zabrze

+48 667 651 312

Fax: +48 32 271 50 74